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Application for Tenancy

Viewmount Suites I & II are centrally located in Coquitlam, BC and are managed by an experienced team that is waiting to serve YOU! By completing this application you can be pre-approved. Please complete in full to avoid delays.

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I/We the undersigned, herein also known as the applicant, hereby offer to rent the residential premises known as:

Please Note:
Pets: Not allowed without prior written consent.
Barbeques: Not allowed.

CONSENT: For the purposes of determining whether my/our application for tenancy is acceptable. I/we hereby consent to the landlord obtaining credit / personal information reports on me/us (including spouse) from one or more consumer reporting agencies or from other sources of such information. I/We authorize the reporting agencies and other persons to disclose information on me/us to the landlord or his agent.

ACCEPTANCE: This is a preliminary application. Upon acceptance further details may be required.